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Base Camp is an exclusive and competitive 72-hour virtual product-focused hackathon for early-stage startups.

Supported by valuable insights and shortcuts from top-class mentors, you can take your product to the next level and prove to investors that your startup can get sh*t done in 3 days!

The 7th Base Camp hackaton will take place

28-31st October 2021.

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Are you ready to boost your product and startup?

Benefits of Base Camp for early-stage startups

Laser focus for 72h

As an early stage startup, it’s easy to float away and shift focus to some urgent things to fix. Base Camp helps set clear focus and take your product to the next level.

Competitive insights

No death by 20-minutes-too-generic-mentoring-sessions. Gain valuable insights from top-notch industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs



Certificate of execution and progress during Base Camp  by Superangel VC fund


Prove your team’s capabilities to a range of investors. 

Follow-up support

Superangel will select TOP startups to continue working with on 1:1 basis


Base Camp event


Day 1

  • Present your 72-hour plan & get valuable insights on setting the scope

Days 1-3

  • Execute & iterate your plan

  • Morning and evening check-ins for feedback and accountability

  • Carry out customer interviews to validate your plan 

  • Mentoring sessions on product development, marketing, design, business development

  • Workshops on product positioning, customer validation, pitching, and more.

Day 3

  • Submit 3-minute video presentation

  • Announcing the winners

Extra benefits

Build your team​​

Opportunity to find talented individuals to your team for the hackathon or longer

Optional daily benefits

Fundraising guidance, sales growth tips and 2-hour deep-dive with mentors on #1 growth challenge


10 startups are selected to showcase their accomplishments to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs

No fee or equity for participation

Read how the winner Jeff App benefited from the 5th Base Camp here .


Past results speak for themselves. Base Camp startups have:


Raised money

Base Camp alumni have raised more than €18M

Launched products

Built an app from scratch in 72-hours with 30 positive reviews, built and launched a new B2C product 

Moved a step closer to future

Upgraded autonomous mobility of robot lawnmower, extended virtual reality by creating music using your hand movement

Found clients 

Signed 2000€ contract, signed 20 contracts for a B2B product, secured 50 first users, launched and reached 50k people with a Kia Stinger giveaway game

Who should apply?


You are an up and running early-stage startup, and have initial customer validation


Ready to grow

You want to get your product to the next level and in front of investors FAST




Superangel is interested in (but not limited to) AI/ML applications, Fintech, Mobility, Deep Tech, IoT, Robotics, or SaaS startups globally.

30 top teams​​

​Base Camp is not for everyone. Up to 30 startups are selected based on the expected value of the hackathon.



Base Camp hackatons have boosted 110 startups



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