A 12-month guided journey designed to help our portfolio companies build global scalable companies

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Karen Burns,
CEO of Fyma

Superangel has believed in us from the start - they were our very first investor. Throughout our journey we have benefited from various support services, coaching being the most valuable and transformative in our opinion. Always there to support and help out, flag relevant opportunities and insightful connections - it has been a great working relationship for us and for that we are very grateful!


A program from entrepreneurs
to entrepreneurs

Many say they offer value beyond money. But we're one of the few VCs that go one step further. We'll explore the journey ahead together with our startups.

The program is founder-led. We'll offer as much or little help as needed, giving founders the freedom to design their own venture. 


We've been working with Superangel for the past 2.5 years and they have really helped us achieve our 10x. As with many early-stage companies, we're a fantastic product team. When it comes to distribution, Superangel and their partners helped us find our first customers and build scaleable sales channel allowing us to grow 100% MoM.

Markus Lember,

CEO of Montonio

Superangel founding team

We will invest in your startup and then work with you to stay on course
Preparing you to win
We will create a tailored growth strategy based on your team's strengths and build good habits to scale your team and business.

Billion dollar mentoring 
Superangel partners, LPs, fellow founders and validated experts have been in your shoes and know how to build a successful company.

Right advice at the right time
This approach is much more effective than strict sequence based startup programs.

Building with you 
Advice combined with experts working with you side-by-side helps you move faster than any other startup. You can find good advice in many places but offer like this is rare.



Superangel helped us accelerate the team-learning we needed in order to take the next steps on our journey to becoming a unicorn. Thanks to their partners and coaches we took a deep dive into what is actually driving our growth so we could focus on just that.

Martin Kristerson,

CEO of Upsteam


We will help our founders achieve the most important milestones

Getting to the next round with results
We'll open up VC mindset and help you understand what the next round investors are looking for.

Landing your next 100 paying clients
We bring in experts to help you build up scalable sales processes and land the right customers.
Maximised team and founder growth
We are one of the few VCs in the world to offer 1:1 leadership and business coaching to our CEOs.

Opening a new major market
Superangel takes you for a 4-week intensive customer development session in a major market. US, Canada, Singapore, UK - you name it. 

Access knowledge that helps you build your startup

Get answers to your 

questions, big or small 

As a first time founder you have to figure out minor questions and tackle big strategic decisions at the same time. Superangel Knowledge Library provides templates, blogs, workshops and videos that help you learn faster.

Sharing experiences

No need to invent your own bicycle. Learn from Superangel portfolio startups how they have solved most common challenges and found shortcuts to growth. 


Working with Superangel makes it easier to tackle any challenge ahead- is it new markets, organisational processes, or closing new fundraising. There is good balance of founder freedom combined with relevant intros, workshops, guidance and feedback. Superangel Expedition means that you will still be going to your own journey into the wild, but as an extra you now have a decent survival kit and a walkie-talkie.

Madis Lehtmets,

CEO of Remato


Do you have what it takes?