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Science Base Camp is the first one of a kind journey to investor-readiness for science-based university teams.

Work alongside top investors, deep-tech entrepreneurs and experts to validate the market potential & save development time of your science-based idea or product in 10 hours!

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Ready to skyrocket your science-based product?

Combining science with entrepreneurship could be the start of something revolutionary, especially when a scientist and an entrepreneur are the same person. But these two worlds are quite different. To excel in both of them, it’s wise to listen in to the advice of experts from another field, not trying to get through it alone.


Ahti Heinla

CEO of Starship Technologies

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Benefits of Science Base Camp 

Increase market potential

Validate and increase the commercialisation potential of your product 

Save time in product development

Learn how to gather meaningful feedback that speeds up building an impactful product

Access to network of investors

Hear from investors, what they expect, and access a network of angel investors and VC funds ​

Unique cross-university mentoring

Get to know tech innovators across Baltics & Nordics, and learn from other teams one step ahead of you

Quadcopter Drone

Science Base Camp online event

Deep mentoring

Deep feedback session with investors and successful entrepreneurs 

100 key people 

To build a marketable product, early feedback from potential users is essential. We help you create a list of 100 key people and share how to get feedback that really matters.

Action plan of investment readiness

We help you to create a practical action plan for increasing investment readiness over the next 8 weeks

Winning investment of time

Teams present to investors their product, list of 100 key people & 8-week action plan for follow-on mentoring within the next 8 weeks.



1​9 February 2021 (GMT+2)

​9:00 ​Meet the teams & mentors

9:30 Workshop: What are investors expecting from science-based teams?

​10:00 Workshop: How to build a list of 100 key people?

​11:00 Deep mentoring & working on the 100 key people list

​14:30 Workshop:  Action plan on increasing investment readiness

​15:00 Working on the action plan

16:00 Presenting results & announcing teams to continue working with investors

19:00 The end of 10h journey


Who should apply?


Idea & Startup

We are looking for two types of teams:

  • Idea phase: validate the potential of your science based idea (is it worth to build a company?)

  • Startup phase: have decided to build a company and have a POC/ prototype/ product.

12 TOP teams

2-3 teams per university will be selected to participate. 

Students & Faculty

We are looking for teams led by students, PhD's or faculty members. This time we're accepting applications from the following universities: University of Tartu, TalTech, Aalto University, Riga Technical University and University of Latvia.


We're interested in science-based products with sizeable software component, such as machine learning & artificial intelligence, computer vision, HCI, AR/VR, robotics, sensors, IoT, mobility solutions, quantum, space tech, drones etc.

This time we can't help teams of medical devices, biotechnology products or drugs

Past results speak for themselves

Science Base Camp is the successor of our outstanding Base Camp 72h Hackathon


Follow on investment​​

Base Camp Alumni teams have raised over 18M​, including from mentors and investors from Base Camp

Save time in product development

Deep feedback has helped avoid years of development and significantly raise customers' readiness to buy the product

Found clients

Teams have signed 20 new contracts, got 50 new users, signed 5 LOIs, and more.






If you have any questions, please do get in touch

Frequently asked questions

Does participation cost anything?

No, participation for all teams is free. No fees, no equity.

Can I apply if I am not from the 5 universities?

Yes, you can apply. However, this time you can only participate in workshops. In the future we might include more partnering universities, dependent on the applicants' interest.

Can I apply if I am an alumni from one of the 5 universities?

If you're an alumni of one of the universities with a science-based idea or product, you're welcomed to apply and can join the workshops. In the future, we may also include alumni teams in the mentoring sessions.

Can I participate in the workshop even if I didn't get selected into TOP 12?

Yes. All teams who applied but didn't get selected can take part in the workshops throughout the day.

Can we apply if one or several members of our team are not from a university?

Team leads should be from one of the partnering universities, other teams members can be external.

Can I apply if I have a service not a product?


How is my IP protected?

The content discussed in the mentoring sessions is highly confidential. In addition, you don't have to disclose any technical or secret information related to your product to benefit from the mentoring sessions. The focus is rather on market potential and which segments to focus on to accelerate product development.

What do you mean by science-based?

Science Base Camp is meant for university teams working on state of the art technological innovations that are based on research outputs and/or significant engineering innovation. In simpler words, if you’re building technology that has not been built before, you qualify.

Where will the event take place?

The event will be fully virtual. No physical presence is needed.

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